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Welcome to the beginning of the end of Modern Conservatism! For more than 20 years, the decent people of America have stood idly by while conservatives transformed the term "liberal" from a title of honor to a dirty word. Why would conservatives do this? Simple. Conservatives, who can't win a straight fight over ideology or policy, decided to fight a war using terrorist tactics. They use tired rhetoric and mean-spirited attacks to discredit liberalism. And we liberals let them get away with it. Well, kids, that is about to end.

The Angry Liberal is establishing a beachhead on the World Wide Web for a full frontal assault on Modern Conservatism. I will use all available tactics , from carefully researched statistical analysis to in-your-face rhetorical attacks, to win this war. Unlike my counterparts, however, I will post nothing that I know to be untrue*. If I have an inaccurate statistic or other mistake in my writings, let me know. I'll correct it. Try this with Rush Limbaugh sometime. . .

So settle in and enjoy the fight. America is about to find out that conservatives are exactly as they appear: Greedy, self-centered, uncaring bastards who will never get into Heaven!

*Does not apply to satire. I reserve the right to make up anything I darn well please when writing satirical fiction.

Anti-Socialists Unite!

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